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The death of someone close to you can be an emotionally trying experience. When it happens, you may feel a deep loss and grief. In times such as these, it’s important to surround yourself with family and friends to help you carry the weight of your sorrows. Professional help, including a seasoned funeral home and cremations professional in Abingdon, VA can also be a bastion of welcome help.

But not every funeral care provider is the same. The quality of care is only as good as the people who work in and manage these establishments. So, when the time comes to select a funeral care service, how do you know who you should choose? We believe several important details can help you to discern which firms are a good fit for your family’s needs. Here are a number of details for you to consider as you prepare to choose a provider:

  • Services Offered: Funeral homes generally provide a wide variety of care to their customers. Most firms include services such as burial, cremation, direct cremation, cremation with service, cremation with reception, advanced planning, and preneed support. But like all businesses, they gravitate to the needs of the community they serve, catering to the influence of culture, tradition, and society. There are also elements to consider regarding a funeral firm’s capability. For example, if a crematory is not a part of a funeral home’s practice, they will need to outsource any requested care of this type. For some families, this can be problematic since they would rather their deceased loved one to be cared for under one roof, without needing to be shuttled about.

  • Price: Funeral care firms are mandated to publish a general price list for public review. As a customer, you can request to see a list price of all care and services offered by a given provider. This makes it easier to compare service pricing among local competitors, and protects you from predatory pricing practices.

  • Venue: Funeral home and cremations facilities in Abingdon, VA vary in their size, appearance, and amenities offered. If you intend to hold funeral services on site, you should evaluate a handful of venue options to understand what is available in your community. Think about the following: What size of a funeral chapel will you need? How much seating do you require? Do you need more floor area for the viewing attendees? Does the facility offer a kitchen and banquet area for a meal or refreshments after the service (if needed)? What kind of technical support does the venue provide?

  • Product: While it is not required to purchase funeral merchandise from the same provider that handles the services, it can be convenient to purchase from the same. Most providers will sell a wide range of items, including urns, caskets, vaults, monuments and markers, keepsake urns, cremation jewelry, thumbprint jewelry, floral arrangements, etc. Choose what you want, but remember you can also buy elsewhere if you prefer it.

  • Location: Where the funeral home is situated matters. Ideally, it should be relatively close to the community of local family and friends who may come to a viewing, funeral, or memorial service. It is also helpful if the location is accessible to the family member that is responsible for coordinating services with the funeral director and their staff.

  • Experience: Your family and deceased loved one may have a unique world view, culture, or faith tradition that informs your choices when it comes to aftercare. These details matter, and it’s important to find a funeral home that is experienced in providing services in the way that you need them to occur. Be sure to ask questions about what the funeral firm can provide by way of experience.

  • Customized Funeral Service: Funerals and Memorials are an occasion for surviving family and friends to gather together in honor of their fallen loved ones. They attend because of that relationship, not because of the ceremony or proceedings that are the structure of the tribute service. This fact is important to remember. Make sure the funeral home provider you hire has a plan for personalizing the funeral to make the occasion about the deceased, rather than about the service ceremony. You may find this leads to an experience outside of the traditional boundaries of a funeral service, such as celebrations of life, catered receptions, informal gatherings that better reflect who the deceased was in life.

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