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Choosing a Traditional Funeral Home Service or Cremation Care in Bristol, VA

Families and individuals often ask about the pros and cons of traditional funerals and cremation care. There are many decisions to be made in the aftermath of a loved one’s death, and deciding how you will lay them to final rest is one of the more prominent decisions you’ll make. If no advanced planning was put in place, and you must decide for the fallen how to care for their remains, which is better? A traditional funeral home service or cremations care service in Bristol, VA?

First off, there are no right or wrong answers here. What is right is what you decide upon after considering the merits, pros, and cons of each method of disposition. Your deceased loved one could ask no more or less of you than that. At Farris Cremation and Funeral Center, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject. We consistently provide guiding support and education to the families of our community who come to us with these questions. You will be given the respect you deserve and the information you seek.

For the purpose of general information, you can start your evaluation of the advantages of each service type reviewing the following points of consideration:

Advantages of Traditional Funerals with Burial

Funeral care has been around for as long as humans. In our modern way of caring for the deceased, we have created a service pattern that many families find meaningful and memorable as they say their last goodbyes to a deceased loved one. The traditional funeral generally consists of these elements:

  • Viewing or Visitation Hours: Also referred to as awake, this service provides an opportunity for family and friends to gather with the remains of their deceased loved one. All who choose to attend the viewing can see the fallen one last time, pay their respects and say goodbye. If any find themselves in disbelief, seeing the remains of the person who has died can help to acknowledge the death has happened. Such knowledge is important to progressing along the healing path.

  • Funeral Ceremony: Attending a funeral home service in Bristol, VA can be an emotional experience, filled with poignant tears. The occasion is a chance to sketch the life story of the fallen for all to share in the memory of the person. Their experiences, accomplishments, challenges, victories are all part of what made them who they were in life. Services help those who mourn to find meaning in the life of their deceased loved one.

  • Graveside Service: Although optional, this service can be a meaningful part of a funeral. It is the act of carrying and committing the body of a loved one to their final resting place. The experience is sometimes reserved for those closest to the person in life. At the graveside, final words may be spoken, and in some traditions, handfuls of the earth may be thrown onto the lowered casket giving all a chance to participate in the burial process.

Advantages of Cremation Care

Cremation provides a lot of flexibility to today’s families. It is increasingly popular because of this. Some consistent details include the following:

  • Expense: Cremation care is less expensive than casket burial. A direct cremation is the cheapest option, bypassing any tribute service while carrying out the disposition of the deceased’s remains.

  • Service Styles: Cremation with a service or a cremation with reception are common alternatives to traditional funeral services. Other celebrations of life may include catered receptions and informal gatherings. Preference is the deciding factor.

  • Memorials: When the body of the deceased is cremated, the ashes are returned to the family or next of kin. Families can then decide when, how, and where they would like to hold a remembrance service. It can be held long after death and cremation have occurred, at a more convenient time when all who wish to attend can gather.

  • Portability of Remains: Instead of burying a loved one’s body in a fixed location, ashes can be placed in a keepsake urn and taken with you where ever you go. They can also be used to fabricate cremation jewelry, or thumbprint jewelry so that you can always have a part of your loved one near you.

  • Scattering: Unlike burial in a casket, ashes can be scattered in meaningful places. A small scattering ceremony can be held at the place where the ashes will be dispersed.

  • Burial: Cremated remains can also be buried in a cemetery if desired. Common burials include a columbarium niche or an ash garden with a monument and marker.

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