Choosing Cremation to Reclaim Time

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When we lose someone we love, the process of planning a funeral can feel like a whirlwind. A traditional funeral, from when loss occurs to burial, spans an average of 3 to 4 days. For many families, that might feel like a small amount of time to plan a big event, both logistically and symbolically.

However, when you choose cremation, the reality of the process means that some of that time can be reclaimed. Cremation gives grieving families the flexibility to decide when and where they can have a funeral service long after cremation has occurred. It also gives families who are struggling with grief the time needed to recognize and accept the changes that loss has brought to their lives.

Farris Funeral Service is dedicated to helping Abingdon, Virginia families make decisions that reflect both the needs of their loved ones, and the reality of the grief process, which can be a long, complicated journey through many emotions. No matter what type of service you choose to have with cremation, there’s a way to use the time afforded by the process to meaningfully reflect on this change in your life, and how you want to honor and celebrate your loved one.

Traditional Cremation

Traditional cremation services resemble traditional burials. Your loved one can be embalmed, and there can be an open casket service that is followed by cremation. If your loved one didn’t specify what they would like done with their ashes, you and your family can take this time for meaningful reflection. Perhaps there was a special place where your loved one spent time. Or, maybe it would be meaningful for you and your family to scatter their ashes somewhere close.

Ashes can also be buried in a cemetery or memorial park, and can be accompanied by a graveside service, even if it’s been a long time since the cremation occurred. We can help you figure out this decision and guide you through options.

Simple Cremation

Simple cremation, also known as direct cremation, occurs as soon as possible after death has occurred. Because of this, there is a common misconception that a funeral service cannot follow direct cremation. Not only is a funeral service possible, but this method affords families the unique opportunity to remove the pressures of time from the funeral planning process. This time allows families to plan a service that is right for them, and for anyone else they want to be there, such as family and friends who live abroad and might need advanced notice of the funeral.

This period also gives you and your family the time you need to become acquainted with the new and often disconcerting feelings of loss and grief. When you don’t have to immediately jump into the funeral planning process, you have a healthy amount of time to adjust to how your life has changed. Then, when you are ready, you can give your loved one a service that will bring your family and community together in healing.

The Importance of Seeing Your Loved One After They Pass

Regardless of what method of cremation you choose, we believe that it is vitally important for families to see and spend time with their loved one after death has occurred. This is why we give every family the opportunity to see their loved one before cremation. At this time, you can see your loved one at peace, wearing their own clothes, all in the tranquility and safety of our facilities. This time spent with your loved one provides a pause in the cremation and funeral planning process for you to say goodbye and move toward acceptance of this loss.

You’ve chosen to make this community your home, and so have we. For five generations, the Farris Family has had the honor to serve the families of Virginia during their most difficult times. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about cremation, our funeral services, memorial services or advanced planning, please reach out to us at any time. We are always available.


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